The Story

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The most profound moment of my life.

I saw someone wearing a Canada Goose jacket. But it was different. The logo wasn’t noticeable. It was taped over. Wait a second. You buy a Canada Goose coat for $XXX knows and you cover up the brand’s logo with tape? Don’t you want people to see that you’re wearing Canada Goose? Isn’t that part of the exclusivity? Or did you actually buy it for it’s quality and looks?

This made me think. Have we become so commercialized that we’re not even considering the quality or visual appeal of clothing anymore? Does anybody actually have preference? Is liking something on your own still a thing? Are you still reading this?

I think it’s absolutely bonkers when well-known artists come out with a “clothing line” of over-priced, sub-par quality, below-average looking clothing. Specifically, the line of Yeezy. Oh. My. Sweet baby Jesus. What is this? An awkwardly shaped tee for $265 USD. What…the… 

How can people possibly afford this? Why do they want to afford it? Is a $265 tee from Yeezy actually better (in terms of quality, and visual appeal) than a $23 tee from No Brand? Would you prefer it if I took all designs off, stretched the tee awkwardly and quadrupled the price? C’mon…

I know it’s kind of ironic that I’m so fed up with brands that I came out with my own but it’s not actually a brand. It’s not a movement. It’s not a fad. It’s not a trend. It’s quality clothing for an affordable price that’s also visually appealing (at least to me). So take a look at the shop, and enjoy!

As always, No BS.